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Click image to download artwork//

Read it, weep for me//

and I will play 4 you//

Twobitsville ain't Hollywood, there's no happy ending, Steve BLaque* offers no answers to any of the riddles or problems posed by today's society in his lyrics; it is 'the facts, nothin' but the facts - as he sees them. In a world of pain and uncertaintly it's good to know that there's someone like BLaque* out there... he's the guy your mother was referring to when she told you to be tnakful for the life you got 'cos "there's always someone worse off than you are". He ain't no hero, just a lost confused and bewildered soul who can shred a room with his guitar and make you question your own self worth.

He is BLaque*.

The album was recorded in two starkly divergent environments: in Melbourne Australia @ Plutonic Lab and the other in Beijing PRC @ Forbidden City Studios and was recorded between December 2013 and August 2014.

Take a listen. It won't change yer life, but it might just make you feel a whole lot better about who you are.


released 02 August 2014

We've put credits on the original artwork but for now just a credit towards Plutonic Lab, a performing artist out of Melbourne Australia for his ongoing support in the years leading up to this album. A shout out to The Repromasters, one o' the greatest bands who never got off the ground and also my cat of many years ago LLargo the Great, who I expect to catch up with one day.


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