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Blaque Noir is a sample pack painstakingly recorded using footage from various authentic to the genre media. 


  • Sampled at 44.1 16 bit and then edited within Ableton Live 9 Darktrunk Sample packs all carry a personal touch from their creator Evets Clab. Apart from being a devote of the Noir genre, Clab brings a reality to the art due his long battle with color blindness, something he thinks gives him an advantage in how he sees the sounds.


  • More packs are coming and for those who use Kontakt 5 these packs can easily be installed as libraries or used in Kontakt's quick location file facility.


  • At Darktrunk we're pleased to bring you our first commercial sample pack.



As always you're free to make a donation and we promise to forward to our favorite charity.


Ben Carstairs 

CEO Darktrunk 

Blaque Noir

SKU: A-26
$2.00 Regular Price
$1.90Sale Price
  • Blaque Noir was recorded at 41.1  16 bit

    All files were recorded into Ableton Live 9

    using Allan and Heath Zed 16 mic pre's.

    Samples have all had cosmetic fades at start and finish 

    alongside basic eq settings. 

    Evets Clab

    Product Engineer

  • Artwork created for Darktrunk & Steve Blaque by Levan Stanes

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