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Atlas on Tyson part 2 is the 2nd sound pack produced by Last Carriage Productions as part of the Darktrunk Records pty ltd company. It is a sample pack of grabs from Teddy Atlas famed boxing coach and media personality from his recent interview with Joe Rogan.

While still in development LCP have many new and intriguing sample packs, primarily but not exclusively to the world of boxing. All sound packs are for use in games alongside music production and film.

We hope you enjoy the first foray into this exciting field from engineers at LCP.

Evets Calb

Production Engineer

Last Carriage Productions.

Atlas on Tyson part 2

  • Atlas on Tyson part 2 like its counterpart is recorded in 16 bit 44.1hz studio environment. Included in the sample pack is a premapped Ableton Live 10 drum rack for seamless operation within Ableton 10. 

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