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Atlas on Tyson is a new soundpack for both Ableton Sampler or Kontakt. 

It is a collection of grabs from Teddy Atlas as he remembers legendary

boxer Mike Tyson.


Recorded from his Joe Rogan interview all grabs have been recorded in

44.1 16 bit and have been consolidated and unwarped for ease of use inside

any DAW.


This is part 1 of a 3 part collection from this enthralling interview and serves

as a chance for composers to utilize realia in a way that far diverges from 

the original interview (or not)


Evets Calb

Product Design

Darktrunk Records.

Atlas on Tyson

  • Recorded meticulously through Zoom R16 desk and then edited in Ableton live 10.  All files have been unwarped and consolidated for ease of use in any DAW.

    Audio is 44.1 16 bit.

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