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BLaque Matador


Steve BLaque

The Album was compiled by Steve BLaque between late June and early September. 

A feature of this volume is that all songs, which are from Steve Blaque's acoustic live shows were recorded on his cell phone in the Red Room of Forbidden City Studios in Beijing.


Final production of the tracks was simply completed using both Adobe's Sound Booth and Steniberg's Cubase to give the tracks a slightly softer feel. 


As for the reasons why the album was done in this way, simply put it was recorded and produced in such a manner to convey a naturalness that is so often missing from music that is heavily produced in these days. Steve Blaque is no stranger to the recording process, but that he felt that the time had arrived for people to hear what he 'really sounds like in either rehearsal or in small folk clubs that he still performs at from time to time in Beijing.


All songs were self produced and artwork and design was once again created by Levan Stanes, Blaque's long time collaborator, and former lead singer of the band The Repromasters.


We hope you enjoy the volume. There are moments of style and skill, juxtaposed with moments of brittleness and error, but that whatever was recorded, it was done live and with honest intent to convey in over 5 hours of performance Blaque's favorite acoustic genre.


Ben Carstairs 
Communications Manager
for Steve Blaque

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