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End of Daze: really?

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I don't gotta have no camembert//

BLaque don't do no creamy cheese //

BLaque's latest take on modern life may leave you speechless... dumbstruck that this kind of music is being made anywhere, let alone conceived and produced in China. Is it art?

What is art?

Is BLaque a mirror reflecting the mores of modern China filtered through the gauze of a western upbringing?


These are the sounds of a man who must. Who has no choice but to share the voices in his mind with us. THe pain, THe sorrow, THe frustration as he writes his testament to the world as he knew it A world that exists only in his memory. In the parallel universe that could be Steve BLaque.

He is BAque BLaquer then ever*.

The album was recorded at the legendary Beijing PRC @ Forbidden City Studios, recorded in the spaces between living and dying towards the end of the second decade of the third millenium.

You have nothing to fear but your ears, as the more things change, the more they stay the same approaching our End of Daze.



released January 2017

We'll put credits on the original artwork but for now just a credit towards The Donald for his work in the area of racial and religious tolerance.


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