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Click image to download artwork//

My day will come//

It's taken a little time to get Shuffling Deckchairs on to this site, but finally as of May 1 it exists.


The album itself was recorded between 2008-2010 and then finally released at bandcamp in 2015.


All the tracks are originals being penned by Steve BLaque or with him and his brother The Evil Underling combing to put music and words together.


Full line notes can be found by clicking into the information field. Listen and enjoy if that's your persuasion and buy as well, and if you do come across something you like then 'share it on around'.



Nov 12 2023, 8pm
@ Save The Folk


Baltimore, MD



Nov 12 2023, 8pm
@ Legendary Ballroom


Austin, TX

Nov 12 2023, 8pm
@ Little Park


Portland, OR

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