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Blaque Monday

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BLaque Monday 
(By Steve BLaque)

All recordings for this collection originated sometime in August of 2015. They were initially done as a reaction to the completion of my album of the same year, My Lair, and initially not intended for anything more than a memory. 

By late September it became clear to me that these tracks ''were the sound'' I'd been attempting to capture in my live shows, but that all the usual shit was getting in the way. I'd been making albums in one style but definitely playing in a solo style and enjoying what I was doing. In shows as a solo performer in my style maybe sometimes it's not so easy to get across the sound that's actually in my head. But I was hearing it,(the sound) and hearing it more n' more in the shows I was doing. At times it would come to me in mid performance and from this feeling I wanted to make the album so that I could have it as a memory, sure, but as a memory of the performance of the songs in bars in Beijing. Perhaps also I wanted to give people a chance to hear what's going on inside my head.
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